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Enhance Your Tweets with Twitter Cards

Using Twitter Cards Twitter Cards are arguably THE best innovation on Twitter you possibly aren’t aware of. They allow you to take your Tweets beyond basic text, and to add rich media to your tweets to make them stand out and promote more engagement. Many in-the-know social media experts have suggested that they directly challenge […]

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10 Things Marketers Need to Master on Twitter

We’re all familiar with what Twitter is, and the concept is really so simple. Just post something in 140 characters or less, and you’re good to go, right? Not quite. Businesses that have enjoyed success on Twitter have worked extremely hard for it. The percentage of marketers who rank Twitter up there as one of […]

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Google Analytics Measurement Protocol Hit Builder

If your senior managers asked you to describe marketing analytics, would you say its main function is measuring website performance or more about device performance regarding campaigns?   In a time not so long ago when analytics referred only to web analytics, you would have undoubtedly leaned more towards website performance as your answer. But a […]

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Email Marketing is Kicking Goals

The death knell for email has been predicted for a while. With social app after app after app promising to make communication faster than it already is, it’s become a common theory that if the last nail in email’s coffin hasn’t been hammered yet, email is at least languishing in the hospice with little hope […]

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Perfect Social Media Posts

OK, so maybe there’s no such thing as perfect in life. Yet, as skilled marketers with our fingers on the pulse, we strive to create the perfect social media posts. Does such a beast even exist? If it did, this mythical creature (a.k.a. the perfect social media post) would publish at exactly the right moment […]

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